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Welcome to my blog

Hello Dear Readers,

I am so excited to meet you via my website. It’s a little strange for me since I’ve come from an era where neighbors talked over the fences about news of other people in our neighborhood, and debated local town news and passed recipes through human hands and measured together to determine how much our shared hedge should be cut.

But I reach out to you with the same desire. There is a deep need humans have to connect with one another. Why? Because we’re all in this together. This crazy life brings us both joys and sorrows and to share both with another human are the pearls of life. When we are in darkness another person can shine the light on our darkness with a simple word or a smile or an idea we haven’t even considered. And we can do the same for them.

Here are the three things I will talk about on my Blog Posts:




What is Compassionate Conversation?

Talk or conversation between two (or more) people where there is intentional listening of the other person and honest sharing of ideas and thoughts done in the spirit of compassion. There is no intent to WIN the exchange. The only intent is positive connection with another human being and sharing the ways we connect.


What about Abuse?

Abuse in our culture appears to be rampant. How many ways can I say it-Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse, Abuse of Women in the Workplace, Verbal Abuse, Bullying and the constant fighting around the world and in our own country between US and THEM. It seems overwhelming. But I believe that each one of us can make a difference. Each of us has the power to change the culture.

I will begin my part by soon publishing my new book called LEAVING ONE WOMAN’S STORY OF VERBAL ABUSE.  I will also use this website to get the word out “there” over our veritable backyards (whatever that looks like for you). And I offer you the chance to comment and join in the conversation as long your written conversations follow the guidelines of good taste and adhere to the intent of Compassionate Conversation above.


Reading and Writing?

Reading and Writing? Have I told how much I love both? Have I told you how important books and writers are? So many things we would have never known without writers and books. The written word is powerful. Books change lives.


On that note I give a shout out to my Mom, Peggy, whose birthday is today. If she were still here she’d be 97 years old. But then she is here on this page with me today with a book in her hand and scribbling words in her notebook.

Thanks Mom.

See you soon Readers.



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