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-NO WAITING You will never be bored or at loss if you’re waiting too long at the doctor’s office, or waiting for your car to be serviced or even if you get stuck in a freeway shut down. You’ve got this! You have a book to read.

-YOUR BATHROOM Dare I say this? Yes it is something people do while sitting on the pot, in case you wondered why there are often magazines in bathrooms. But you can do better than that. Read the next chapter in that novel you can’t tear away from, or read and learn an amazing tidbit in a non-fiction book you’ve had your eye on, or start or end your day reading something inspirational. I am not good at multi-tasking, but this even can do. Just be sure not to stay too long (on the pot I mean.)

-SMARTS Reading a book increases the neuroplasticity of the brain. You can grow your brain at ANY AGE. Read some of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books. They are not easy reads, but don’t be put off by all the scientific charts. Look for the tiny gems. Dr. Joe contends that most humans use only a tiny part of their brain and the rest of the brain is up to YOU to develop and he shows you a way to do that. So Have at it. Don’t let that extra undeveloped brain matter die with you.

-JOY This happens to me often. I pick up  book and one line reaches out to me and pulls me out of the cobwebs of my head. If you start reading more books I guarantee that will happen to you. Not all the time, but often enough that it makes reading so worth it. What is the bonus? YOU CAN BE IN ANOTHER’S HEAD. Think about that. How often can you be in another person’s head? I have so many examples of this. I trust you’ll find yours.

Here’s a recent one of mine from from a 2017 non-fiction book called Tides, by Jonathan White. This book is chock full of science and studies and extensive information about the tides in the oceans and rivers of the world. It often reads like a textbook and yet Jonathan, while waiting with some amount of trepidation for huge, crazy, overlapping, violent waves to smash down into the empty riverbed where he was standing and possibly thinking how much time he had to scramble out of danger, wrote, “I’m overtaken by a longing to lose myself in the river.”

-NEVER LONELY You will always have a friend in a book. I am an introvert. I get my energy from being alone or in a small group of people. But I believe even extroverts need to chill. Maybe even more than introverts. Books are great company when no one else is around.

-CHOICE You don’t have to watch or listen to the news. This is great news! In this time, with an instant by instant news cycle, you’ll find out what happens pretty soon anyway. But, how many times do you want to hear the same thing over and over again? Especially “bad” news. There are many non-fiction books about history that when looked at after the passage of time, that old news becomes more layered, more in depth, and more understandable. There are also great stories about everyday people doing good things. I could give you lots of recommendations. But you know where to find them. And then, when you have that book in your hand, you can turn everything off and it will just be you and the quiet and your brain expanding slowly into knowledge and understanding. Good Choice.

CONNECTION via BOOK CLUBS Read an article in Oprah Magazine’s February, 2019 issue called BOOK CLUBS THAT MADE A DIFFERENCE. The article describes a number of unique Book Clubs, each with a different twist. The people who started these clubs creatively fashioned them with ideas that resonated with the members. Read the article and get inspired.

I have been in several book clubs and they died off. Now, there are so many books I want to read that an official Book Club seemed out of the question for me. And, I love sitting in an easy chair reading with my cat stretched over my lap purring away. Heaven! Still the book clubs in the article peaked my interest so much that I’m revising my position. These words under the title of the article spoke to me. “…Join us as we explore a fellowship that can be profound beyond words.”

At this time in our country reading books together and discussing them might be one of the best things we can do. The guest author in the Oprah piece, Mary Laura PhilPott wrote “…Reading-sharing reading-seems to prime our brain for friendship, for tolerance, for understanding. How often in life do we get the chance to respectfully disagree-let alone do it over a cheese plate-and then cheerfully say, ‘This was fun, see you next month!'”

Let’s take this one step further. Send me a message in the Contact form about a unique Book Club you know about. Or dream up a new type of Book Club. I’ll share your ideas in my next newsletter.

-CHILDREN-YOURS, MINE AND EVERYONE’S If you have young children or grandchildren, or great grandchildren, or you love children without being a relative, or even if you’d rather not be around kids, bring books to give to where children are. Reading to children even while they are still in the womb changes their lives forever. As a former teacher of young children the best time of the day was reading a story to my students, as it was for them. They didn’t need flashy bells and whistles. The connection to the book, to the story and to me as the bringer of the book was visceral. The improving language, vocabulary and critical thinking skills, all that and so much more cannot be measured. So do it. Bring books! And don’t worry about the little ones when they become teens.They’ll probably tweet, text etc with their peers with ease, but they also will be able to read everything else no matter how deep or dense because all those neurons began firing early on.Reading will enrich their lives and wherever you are on the like-children spectrum make your life much happier too.

-HAPPINESS Isn’t this what we all want? Can reading really make me/you happy? You mean I don’t have to take any pills? Prove it to me! Okay, in the past I’d simply tell people how much I loved books.I’d smile and say that I’ve always read books. My parents both read, so books were all around the house, stuffed in bookcases and stored in an attic closet. I picked them up and read them in fall, winter, spring and summer. Summer was the only time my Mom complained that I was reading too much because when she sent me and my sister to the playground to play tennis or ride our bikes both of us ended up in the library reading. I still can hear the  voice of the librarian answering the phone as I looked through the stacks at my childhood library in Narberth, Pennsylvania. “Narberth Community Library, how can I help you?”

This particular library is still in existence and still functioning in my old hometown. And you might be surprised to know that the idea that libraries have or will be going out of business has not occurred. In fact, there has been a renaissance in libraries in recent years. Why? Maybe it’s the fact that libraries have changed as society changed.Technology is in the library.There are people in libraries too who help you, still called librarians.There are many different programs at the public library-too many to list. But maybe the fact that you can borrow a book for free is still the best thing going. All this make me happy. Visit a library near you. Hold a book in your hand. It just might make you happy. Sorry I got off track a little. Once you have the free book in your hand, you actually have to read it.

Here are the facts about how reading affect your happiness. In a study by the University of Sussex in 2013, after 6 month of reading, the subjects in the study reduced their stress levels by a staggering 68%.

And according to Martha Roberts in her online column, Better You, there is now a new therapy/course called Bibliotherapy where people can learn to be happier by-guess what? READING BOOKS!

Here’s another idea for you to try for those who read and those who do not (maybe especially for those who don’t read.) Visit a library near you. Check it out. Maybe even get a library card if you don’t have one. Check out Camarillo, CA Public Library. It’s not my community library but nearby. The first Camarillo Public Library opened January 6, 1919, but its latest replacement opened January 3, 2011. Check it online. It’s awesome. Then visit a library near you and contact me on the Contact Page about your library.

Read, share, be happy,



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